torsdag 2 februari 2012

To Courtney

There lives an angel in your room
He has his nest above your head
he makes you calm
and he whispers to you
Everything's gonna be allright

There lives another in your body
He has the most beautiful of souls
He is love and hope
and he tells you
how much he loves you

There lives an angel at your feet
He blows warmth over your skin
It tickles and makes you smile

When he breathes on you
it is to show you that he is there

and want to hold you close

Now you are left here alone

with a deep hole in your heart
Still I hope

I hope you are able to live on
and that you still can see

the beauty in life
All the loving angels around you
will guide your way

Until you meet again...

Ängeln i rummet (fritt tolkad och översatt till engelska av mig)

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